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Thread: [RESOLVED] NOOB, I Need To Place A Unit After Some Math....

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    resolved [RESOLVED] NOOB, I Need To Place A Unit After Some Math....

    Okay So I Am Okay With PHP Because When I Need A Code I Cannot Think Of/Haven't Heard Of I Can Use Google, Look At Some Peoples Code And Usally Make It Work With My Project. But I Cannot Figgure This Out Because When Ever I Try To Google It I Get Excel Info Not PHP, So Here Is My Code
    PHP Code:
    $ConWidth = ($Width $LinkWidth); 
    I Want To Set It To Something Like This
    PHP Code:
    $ConWidth = ($Width $LinkWidth) + 'px'
    so I Can be like
    PHP Code:
    And It will echo 500px or what ever the answer is with the px after it,
    Thank You So Much, Sorry Imma Noob

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    I'd just keep them separate:
    PHP Code:
    echo $ConWidth "px";
    // or...
    echo "{$ConWidth}px";
    // or...
    But if you really want to merge them together in one variable, the clue is in the "." operator, above.
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    Thank You, I Used The
    PHP Code:
    $ConWidth = ($Width $LinkWidth) . "px"
    I Have Used The "." operator b4 but when i tried to use it early i must have messed somthing up cuss it works now, again Thank You So Much!

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