Hi guys:
Here is a new site http://toyota-hilux-vigo.com.

My old site http://thailand-dealer.com was apparently penalized after two Google updates and all my efforts to fix the site were proving futile so on suggestions of some SEO experts on a forum I built a site from scratch. The site is doing well on our relevant search terms as: toyota hilux vigo, vigo thailand, toyota vigo smart cab, toyota vigo double cab. Since I'm creating it from scratch the site is still work in progress. I would love any feedback on the site so far so I don't repeat the mistakes that got me into hot water in the first place. I'm trying to curb my tendency to write over-optimized articles.

One problem of course is that I never found out why my original site was penalized somewhat so no opportunity to learn from my mistakes except to scour the forums and learn from wisdom of experts in forums like these.