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Thread: 500 Internal server error ? Help

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    500 Internal server error ? Help


    I have this problem

    I install Facebook voting script v2.3 on the server and i do all it right ( i think i do )
    And i configure settings ( put FB id, fb secret of the app, and profile ID)
    all that i put directly in the database
    next step is to visit www.urdomain.com/admin
    but when i visit that it shows me 500 Internal Server Error

    can anyone help me with these because a few days i am searching for that problem to solve it but i didnt find.

    I will be greateful thanks

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    have you checked the apache lots ? This is available within your control panel.

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    No i didnt because i cant find it on my Cpanel
    tried to google it but didnt find how to do that :S
    Apache Version: Apache/2.2.17

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    Try looking into error.log file under the root folder of your website. Otherwise you can browse the log file through cPanel. This can happen due to error in script or error in .htaccess file.

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