Hi ,
I have the following filter at the top of my webpage which shows some report.

<table border="0" id="tblSample" align=center>
    <th colspan="7" class=teamlevel  height=17>The conditions that the result should match </th>
<tr id="RmC_1"><td width=5%>&nbsp;</td><td><select name='FIELD1'><option
value='Property1'>View Name</option><option value='Path'>Path</option></select>
<td><select name='COMP1'><option value='like'>contains</option><option value = 'not like'>not contains</option>
</select> </td>
<td><input type=text name='VALUE1' maxlength=40 size=30 value=''></td>

<table width=100% border=0 cellspacing=0 cellpadding=2>
<td colspan=6 align=center>To save this query for future use, provide Query Name  &nbsp;
<INPUT TYPE="text" NAME="savE_RPt_aS"  SIZE=16 MAXLENGTH=32>
<input type="submit" value = 'Save and Run'  name='SaVE_RUn' onClick='savePage()'>
<td colspan=6 align=center>Select from previously saved query &nbsp; <select name="rpt" >
<option value="autan1">query1</option>
<option value="micado1">query2</option>

</select>&nbsp<input id= only_RUn value=Run type= Button onClick='reloadPage()'></tr></table><script type= text/javascript> 

function reloadPage()

 var selectone = document.test.elements["rpt"];
 var index = selectone.selectedIndex;

 var query = selectone.options[index].text;

 var url =  "http://cellreport.com:8010/cgi-bin/stat.pl?query="+query;
 window.location.href = url;

My requirement is when I select a query from previously saved query drop-down, then the condition of that query should appear in the textbox and drop down above. Like if I select query1, then for example , "path contains home" should appear above. So that the user can know what was the condition of that saved query and he can then edit that and run it by clicking Run.
Is it doable?
Please help me .