wanted to use the following script to be able to play different sounds depending on which text is clicked, not sure where my mistake is, but when the page loads one of the sounds plays automatically, even with the autoplay="false".... and when I click on the text nothing plays at all... any suggestions?

<script type="text/javascript">
var example=document.getElementById("sound");
function EvalSound(nusound) {
example.setAttribute('src', nusound)


<font size="3" onclick="javascript:EvalSound(min2nd.wav);"/><u>minor 2nd</u></font>
<font size="3" onclick="javascript:EvalSound(maj6th.wav);"/><u>Major 6th</u></font>
<embed src="min2nd.wav" autostart="false" width=1 height=1 id="sound" enablejavascript="true">