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Thread: [RESOLVED] SVG promblems on Server

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    resolved [RESOLVED] SVG promblems on Server

    Hello. I've created my first web-site with entirely SVG graphics. It works fine in the browser when I'm just testing it on my computer, but when I upload it to the server, odd things happen. On chrome, it downloads the svg files and doesn't display anything on the page, and in Firefox it says that I'm missing a plug-in to see the SVGs but cannot identify the plugin that is needed.

    All the SVGs on the page are put either as a background image, or within an object tag. Is there anything I should do to my code or any settings I could change on the server (hosted by GoDaddy) that would make the SVGs display themselves propperly? Thanks.

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    Does your server allow image/svg+xml svg mimetypes?
    Good Luck

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    I solved it now. I just needed to include a file named ".htaccess" with the following code and it worked.

    AddType image/svg+xml svg
    AddType image/svg+xml svgz

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