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Thread: How to adjust Google map's bubble position?

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    How to adjust Google map's bubble position?

    I use Joomla and I have Google maps in my contact details. One thing kinda bothers me is that the top of the bubble is exactly on the top of whole Google map and I want to lower the map somewhat to get the bubble lower on the map.
    It might be just easier to see the examples...Here's what I have:


    And the way I want it to be is like this:




    I have no idea what in my case it's different...And I don't even know whether it's a Joomla question or Google map one. I didn't touch Google Map API, just played within Joomla extension.

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    The solution was very simple...I made my map more squar-ish (it was too rectangl-ish).
    Meaning that I had changed "width" and "height" inside the plugin and that way the bubble has become better adjusted (aligned) vs. the map itself!

    P.S. "Bubble centralization" was probably a better way to put it...
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