Hi guys,

I'm relatively new to the whole Java scripting scene, so I hope my question doesn't seem to be really stupid to all of you expert out there but I'm in a little bit of a jam.

I wrote a Javascript code (http://www.tech-consilium.com/wp-inc...cript-p1344.js) that enables me to tap into my IP camera at the office and get live -streaming- feed from it by accessing the camera using a user with minimal rights that I have created within the AXIS camera itself.

Then, in order to make it usable -to publish it-, I uploaded the script to my FTP and referred to it in a new webpage I added using the "src="/wp-includes/js/Live-script/Live-script-p1344.js" command. (My Wordpress site doesn't support direct java script code in the HTML so only by using the "refer to" will make it work.

So up until now all seems to be working great!!! But my question is; How about if I want to publish not one but four different camera feeds and align the screens in a quad layout, or in case I want to use 2, next to each other?

If I simply create a second script and alter some parameters like the IP address of the second, third and so on camera, and than refer to that script as well it will publish the feed perfectly okay but align the second, third etc. camera underneath the first one. To check out what I mean click on the following link:


However what if I wanted to align them next to each other instead of underneath each other like is the case now? What should I change?

Please help, it would be much appreciated.