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Thread: Animate elements within a Slider

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    Animate elements within a Slider

    I am wondering how to animate elements within a slider. I am trying to achieve this effect: www.shoretel.com/

    I thought it may have been flash, but it's not. Can this be accomplished using JavaScript/JQuery?

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    If you want to write an image slider from scratch, it's not that hard. Take a look at using the setInterval() and setTimeout() functions when moving your <div> elements.

    You can use JavaScript to update the left or right CSS position of an element in a loop. There would be no actual declaration of a loop, but your setInterval() function would be called each n milliseconds until your <div> has reached a given position, at which point you would clear the interval.

    If you have a set number of images that you know you're going to use, then you don't even need to worry about writing a generic slider that can work with any number of images, you can just predefine the positions at which to stop/start.

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    Great idea! That worked just fine. Thanks.

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