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Thread: Redirect and Auto-Fill Search Box, Display Results Page

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    Smile Redirect and Auto-Fill Search Box, Display Results Page

    From this website:


    I would like to link to another website, autofill the product searchbox and display the results. This is the website i would like to link to and auto search:


    The goal is to link to a page displaying all the products that come up when you search the term "tangy".

    As you can see on the first website i tried creating a form to pass the search parameters to the second website but without success...the "tangy" products do not show up when you complete my form and the page is not displaying correctly...

    Any help is greatly apprecitated

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    Contact the company directly.
    You cannot blindly pre-populate form fields unless the website happens to support it. maybe it does, maybe it doesn't. You can try the obvious (URL parameter or Form Field that matches the ID or NAME of the search field)... that might get it to pre-populate, but even that won't necessarily trigger the search.

    Faster and more reliable solution - contact the company with what you are asking to do. Most sites will be happy to help other sites that want to drive traffic to them. If they don't already support the feature you are requesting, it may be something small enough for them to do that it may be worthwhile for them to make the change based on an estimate of the volume you expect to send them.

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    Thank you nap0leon for your help. I went ahead and took your advice to contact them and their response is basically that they are working on it and in the future at some point all the products will have their own urls that you can link to directly. I guess that is the problem with using crappy content management systems for your e-commerce website. In the mean time I'm not sure what to do. Surely, there must be a way through javascript or cookie containers or something to pass the search variable to the landing page and generate the search.

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