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Thread: Should I allow a download option?

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    Should I allow a download option?

    Hi guys.

    I am at the planning stage of developing a mobile e commerce app for OpenCart.

    As I am using an iPad and iPhone for testing (however it will be cross platform compatible) do you think that I should allow users to be able to download purchased content from an e commerce store on to their mobile device? If they are using iOS this feature won't be available to them (unless it's a file that Apple allow, or can be opened in a third party app).

    What are your thoughts, do you think it is worth adding this feature?


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    What security measures do you have in place to ensure that the downloads aren't going to be abused?
    It also depends on what they would be downloading.
    Could you describe it more?

    -FS Designs.

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    This is only going to be a theme for OpenCart, so it is OpenCarts' own code that deals with the security measures etc etc. I am just debating in whether it is necessary to have that there?

    They can be downloading whatever the store own is selling, I am not developing this for myself, it is going to be for sale once complete.

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    You want them to download users from your site then provide the download button???????

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    What will be the functions associated with the app you are trying to setup? Can you please explain in little more details.

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