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Thread: Having problems with conflicting jquery scripts

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    Having problems with conflicting jquery scripts

    I've tried to combine 3 different scripts on a demo design for a client.
    1. First script handles the vertical "accordian" style menu on the left.
    2. Second script handles the horizontal drop down menu for the main navigation.
    3. Third scrolls the pages main feature image of the mini. But it's resulting in them failing when they're all combined.

    I can get the first and second scripts working together on this page:


    But when I introduce the third script (which I've simply placed at the bottom of the page, I will move it later to where the mini is), it breaks the second script. Here is the example:


    Thanks for the help.

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    Hmm, still no luck figuring this one out.

    Is there any way I can better explain my problem if it helps you guys help me out?


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    I had a look around in the index_with_scroller demo, I see you have commented out 2 of the scripts from the previous demo (flexpopupmenu.js & ddmegamenu.js).

    Inside those two files there is a line of code near the top:

    By commenting out this line, or removing it, in the two scripts the page seemed happier to load.
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    bionoid, thank you very much for taking the time to look into my problem.

    Yes, that seems to get the script working. I will have a closer look at it tomorrow and finish off work on that page.

    What is jQuery.noConflict(), and why was it causing a problem in this case?

    Thanks again for your support folks.

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