Email Hider

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The overall site is built in WordPress, and I'll be tweaking the theme, but what I've done is built a collection of tools to hide your email address from spambots, email harvesters and other evil bots.

Some of the tools use JavaScript, some use PHP, others Hexadecimal scripts... all of which I built myself. I spent way too much time on it, but was having fun writing all of this stuff. Hopefully, someone will find it useful.

Some of the scripts:
  • JavaScript Email Hider (Several)
  • PHP Email Hider
  • No-Script Email Hiders
  • Image Email Hiders
  • Pseudo-Captcha Email Hider
  • Hexadecimal Email Hider
  • HTML Entities Email Hider

What I spent the most time on was actually building generators to automatically create the JavaScript or code to embed in your site or blog.
I'll be testing them now, as I have not had time to test them all, but they should mostly work unless I made some syntax error while typing...