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Thread: Running Javascript through URL bar

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    Running Javascript through URL bar

    Hey guys,

    Working with Firefox quick search function.

    Trying to setup a shortcut such as:

    search 12345678

    and it populates and actions a form.

    The form is built in Javascript (with AJAX) there is only one field...

    is this possible? I have done it with basic PHP forms in the past using:

    javascript:var%C2%A0s='%s'; url='###INSERT YOUR KEYWORD SEARCH URL HERE###'; t=''; qc=0; chunks=url.split('%s'); for(i=0; i<s.length; i++){if(s.charAt(i)=='"')qc=qc^1; t+=((s.charAt(i)==' '&&qc)?'^':s.charAt(i)); }args=t.split(/\s/); nurl=''; for(i=0; i<chunks.length; i++){nurl+=chunks[i]; if(args[i]!=undefined)%C2%A0{args[i]=args[i].replace(/\^/g,' '); nurl+=args[i]; }}location.replace(nurl,'< BR>');

    wondering what i'm trying to do is even possible? if so could anyone provide any help?

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