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Thread: How to onload?

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    How to onload?

    Dear Scriptmakers,

    I have a PHP based page. I want to onload a javascript in a page but I do not know how can I do that. Let me explain:
    My page has an index.php with a slidebar ofc. I always change the content part only. The page what should contain the script is the mainpage.php. I've saved the script in a separated file and I cannot onload it. Is that any way to do that?
    This is my script:

    var textarray = [
    "how r u",
    "where r u" // No comma after last entry
    function RndText() {
    var rannum= Math.floor(Math.random()*textarray.length);
    onload = function() { RndText(); }
    var inter = setInterval(function() { RndText(); }, 2000);
    And I want to onload here, in the "facts" div. This area is a text contained and image bordered part of the page.

    <div id="facts">
    	<div class="top">
    		<div class="bottom">
    			<div class="left">
    				<div class="right">
    Any help is appreciated!

    P.s.: I do not know so much about javascript. And sorry for my English.

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    Never mind, I've solved it!

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