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Thread: website ip problem

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    Unhappy website ip problem

    hi all i have aproblem that we have website with bill button on it and it conected to our server on our office the bill page and database on it (imean on the server in our office) the bill on the server in 2 deffrint places with 2 real ip from 2 isp the problem is we need to make the bills alive 24 h if the internet cut in bills num 1 bills num 2 work autmtic we dont know how to make them work outmtic i mean like rediret idea if bills one with real ip 1 off it go to bill2 with real ip 2 automtic i hope u understand wat i mean and sory for bad english

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    no answer ! all i need is like redirct idea if u fine this link offline go to this link

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    actually what you say doesn't make sense at all please ask CLEARLY or in a simple way what you want ??

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    Sorry can't understand the question so it would be pretty hard for us to answer it.
    Good Luck

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