Hi everyone, i create a simple php script to upload images it is working nice, but now i need to do it using jquery and ajax, because as i am using only php, when i send an image it redirect the page to a white page.

well this is my simple comment system with jquery and ajax, it is simple and i tried to create some like this to image uploads but i cant use this method to image uploads,here is the code of the simple comment system, if anyone can help me with the images will be great...

PHP Code:
<form id ="Forms" action="javascript:comments()" method="post">
textarea id="comment" 
placeholder="Say something"></textarea>
input type="submit">
PHP Code:
function comments() {
comment = $('#comment').val();
url:        'comment.php',
type:       'POST',
dataType:   'json',
data: {
comment:             $('#comment').val()

success:function(data) {


PHP Code:
    $Comment = ($_POST['comment']);
json_encode(...some divs etc and $Comment inside of a div ); 
Well it is working great, but with photos i cant use this method, i really need some help with that because i never create anything similar and really need to do it.
I searched a lot to find some helps to my problem but cant get the best code for my problem.

Thanks community