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Thread: [RESOLVED] Chromium / Chrome solution

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    resolved [RESOLVED] Chromium / Chrome solution

    I originally posted problem here:
    I thought it was resolved because I tried it in firefox which was behaving correctly with
    tr { display: list-item }
    th, td { display: block }
    /* or */
    th, td { display: table-row-group }
    Little did I realise that this doesn't work in chromium which is what I was testing on via my laptop as it is the main browser on that one.
    Since I need the flexibility of table cells for the desktop / print style sheets while maintaining the ability to display it as a list on a phone for example I'll need a solution to that, anybody got any ideas?

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    Never mind, the reason it wouldn't work is because I forgot to add the doctype and it was operating in quirks mode,

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