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Thread: MySQL root user

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    MySQL root user

    Hi all,

    I am trying to understand the instructions here:


    Must privileges apply to a particular database? What I want to say is 'create a user called Mary and give her all privileges on all future databases', or in other words (if possible), 'create a user called Mary and make her a root user' (I am not sure if there can be more than one root user).


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    You can use wildcards when you grant permissions.

    Root is just another user with all the privileges
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    CREATE USER 'Mary'@'%' IDENTIFIED BY 'a strong password';
    GRANT ALL ON *.* TO 'Mary'@'%';
    It would be nice if you didn't say 'Mary'@'%', but instead narrowed it down to something like.... localhost, or an ip address, or subnet mask.

    There can be more than one root user. 'username'@'host-specification'.
    You can have root@localhost, root@, root@devsitething.tld, root@your-own-host-spec (yeah that's valid, with the hyphens... good luck resolving it). All of them can have different passwords. I think you can even limit privileges from some root accounts (I would think root@localhost would be the only exception, but then again, you might be able to delete the root@localhost account... I'm not willing to try and find out).
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