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Thread: IE8 - Odd Display Behavior

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    IE8 - Odd Display Behavior

    Hi all

    Is it possible I can get some thoughts and help on a strange situation I am experiencing in regard to an site viewed in IE8?

    I put together a web site (I don't do this for a living) on a hosted site that I used whist I developed the site. I tweaked it so it looked good across the common browsers including IE8.

    When I was happy with everything, I copied the code onto it's correct domain to make it 'live' - exact copy, no changes.

    What I have found is the the development site and the live site look slightly different when viewed in IE8...on the same computer, in the same browser...even though they are identical.

    To sanity check, I pointed the live site to the development's site CSS just in case but they still look different.

    I've cleared the Cache and still they look different. When I view the site in browsershots and Adobe Browserlabs, the site looks fine which is leading me to believe that the problem is local to my machine, just a glitch and I should ignore it. I've left it a couple of days to see if it clears itself but the issue is still there.

    Would any of you seasoned pros have any thoughts on this? Part of me still remains concerned that the problem is not local to me.

    I don't want to post the address in here without your thoughts but I was wondering if somebody could take a look at the site in a native IE8 browser and confirm that it looks ok or if I have a wider issue?

    I'm not sure if that is cheeky or an ok request so apologies in advance if so.

    Many thanks


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    Only thing that comes to mind is if you developed the site in windows, and the "live" system is linux, the assets such as stylesheets/images would become case sensitive in the filesystem. If your case is different then the website would obviously not load it.
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    Thanks bionoid

    I didn't know that so one for future reference - however both were developed in Linux and are also on the same server.

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