So I'm making a website with some friends and am fairly new to php and html. However I have some fairly good understandings of them. I don't have extremely good understandings over Javascript, AJAX, jQuery, etc.

I was hoping to have a dynamic message where if someone posted the message it would load automatically. The page would then search the database for the message every 10-15 seconds and update the page automatically.

Now I have a php script that updates the page and works perfectly. However I have to click a:

<a href='php script' rel='load-content'>Load Content</a>

I was hoping/wondering there would be a way to do exactly what happens within the href but using setInterval and a function.

I apologize if this is either a stupidly easy question or something that is overly complicated.

I'm not trying to get people to give me hundreds of lines of code or anything just looking for some insight as to how I may do this.

Thanks again!