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Thread: Mobile Web Template / Guidelines

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    Mobile Web Template / Guidelines

    Hi, I'm just about to start designing a mobile version of a site, and i was hoping that maybe someone could help me with the following few questions please:

    01 - is a mobile site essentially just a normal website that is designed and coded to work well on mobile browsers, as in can you just design and code a normal HTML / CSS website that has a single column layout with big buttons
    02 - is there a mobile web framework out there that a lot of leading mobile sites utilise
    03 - is there a generic web standard default width size that the canvas (width of the site) should be... what width should we all design our <body> to be so that it fits all current mobile devices (iPhone and android) or should we just code everything to 100% width in a single column layout

    Thanks in advance to anyone who can help with the above questions...

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    Might help:

    Mobile Website:

    5 Stunning and Usable Mobile Website Designs: http://designfestival.com/5-stunning...bsite-designs/
    Learn the Mobile Web: http://learnthemobileweb.com/2009/07/mobile-meta-tags/
    10 Ways the Mobile Web is Different: http://www.elated.com/articles/10-wa...-is-different/
    Redesigning a Site For Mobile: What's Involved?: http://www.elated.com/articles/redes...hats-involved/
    Make Your WordPress Website Mobile-Friendly in Minutes: http://designfestival.com/make-your-...ly-in-minutes/

    How to Validate & Test Your Designs for the Mobile Web: http://designfestival.com/how-to-val...the-mobile-web

    Web Mobile Browser Shots: https://browshot.com/

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    You may also get mobile ready themes from sites like


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    Themeforist all day ! some great examples of mobile themes, very simple to work with, even with limited knowledge of HTML or cs.

    Good Luck
    Designer @ Gel Code Web Design Any questions ill help ... Ps im a Wordpress kinda guy

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