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Thread: Javascript XML Parser Question

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    Question Javascript XML Parser Question

    Hello Everybody.

    First of all Im sorry because of my english.

    I have a working project with a php script, but i'd like to "convert" it to java, so in this way it could be a client side "application".
    (Maybe the Thread's title wrong so i try to explane it.)

    I have an xml file (with http:// address) and i want read and display specific parts of it in a html page.

    XML structure example:


    <name>Example 1</name>
    <writer>Somebody 1</writer>

    <name>Example 2</name>
    <writer>Somebody 2</writer>

    <name>Example 3</name>
    <writer>Somebody 3</writer>



    If i want to display example the second book's informations in a html page, like:

    Name: Example 2
    Pages: 558
    Writer:Somebody 2
    Limit: 221

    What script should I use?

    Please be patient im really new in this.

    Thank You Guys.

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    Ideally, you should look at running an XSLT script on your server, but that will not be possible for everyone, so next thought is to read you file in with AJAX

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    It might be easier to convert the xml results to JSON within your PHP. If you load in the xml to an array you can quickly export JSON with json_encode(). Then as omnicity suggested you can use AJAX to ask the php script for results in JSON ready for use.

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    Thank you guys for the fast reply, but i think you misunderstand me
    I'd like to use a java script insteed of php. If i use java the client can handle it and i dont need to use a webserver to run the php script.

    So i need a javascript to do the xml parser.

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    It would really be a much better idea to use the server-side to do the heavy lifting...but it can be done in Javascript, look up AJAX and I bet you'll find answers to your questions.

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    Yes, i found several article, and i tryed to create a working code, but as i mentioned before i can't use java.
    I was hoping that maybe someone can atleast grab an example from any article and convert it to my project.
    If smbody would do that i could extend the script to my claim.
    Thank you!

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    you can do it using the dom and ajax to fetch the xml document.
    xml is a pain in javascript, but it's more than possible to use it.

    read up w3schools's ajax + xml sections.
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