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Thread: Stop from scrolling to top??

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    Stop from scrolling to top??

    All -

    Please forgive my lack of knowledge here. I'm a performing artist doing what I can to get my site up to par.

    Does anyone have any idea how to prevent this site from scrolling back up to the top when I share links to certain sections/anchors on the page?


    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    - Doc

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    not sure what you are talking about.
    your interaction behavior is not normal on the page.
    i would guess you are using some sort of jquery plugin that alters the normal scrolling and link-handling.

    that said, i didn't notice it scrolling in firefox, but the "#href"s also didn't stick, so there is no way to share a certain section...

    what exactly are you having issues with?
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    I'm not sure i fully understand but if i do you don't need javascript.
    <div class="header">
    <a href="#firstpost">the first post</a>
    <a href="#middle">middle posting</a>
    <a href="#3rdpost">the third post</a>
    <a name="firstpost">the first post</a>
    content here
    <a name="middle"></a>
    content here
    <a name="3rdpost"></a>

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