Hello all,
I have tons of ideas (don't we all?) and not enough time, skills or resources to properly process any of the big or good ones all by myself. So I thought I would see how people are connecting with others that compliment those missing elements. I read a lot of posts where people are looking to barter work with promises of profit sharing, or ownership in the proposed websites or companies. Thing is you see very few responses to these posts.

So I am wondering a few things and hoping to get a good dialog going. My thoughts are that most of the really talented web developers already have decent paying jobs or means to support themselves. So there is little interest in investing time and energy into something that is not guaranteed. So here are a few questions to get people talking. Feel free to expand upon these questions if people with similar interests or people with related experiences want to share.



Have you ever partnered with someone to try and start a brand new web business? If so, success or disaster? And why?

You are a talented developer versed in many technologies.....what would it take to make it worth your while to put in an extra 10-20 hours a week without a guarantee of compensation to see if you can launch the next big idea? % of profit sharing? % of ownership? Something else?

What type of web business would you want to hear more details about a possible partnership? What's hot, and why?

What kind of person with an idea would you partner with? What traits, resources or whatever would make you feel comfortable you could work as a team?

Anything else?