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    Hi all,

    I'm new to this site, so if this is not in the correct spot just send me a pm, and get the staff to move it to where it should be - if this is even a forum that can cover my topic

    Ok so I've been asked to do something that Ive never attempted before. My employers industrial shop has been very dirty/un-organized for a number of years. Recently we have worked to tidy a good amount of it up and now only have a few things to move and sort until its all neat and tidy. What they want me to do/attempt is to create a 3d model of the industrial shop that would show where everything in the shop is found.

    Ive thought up an idea of how this could work, just have no idea on how i should start to create this. Essientally there would be a search box where we could for example search for "wrenches". The search box would be connected to a database that has a complete list of everything in the shop. The database would then connect to the 3d model (this is the part I dont know how to do) and pinpoint the exact location in the shop where they should be found. Thats the idea, now how do I start or even begin doing this. I can get any program that is needed that I dont already have so that shouldnt be a problem. If anyone has any help or refrences that would be really helpful.

    Here is a flowchart of the idea: search for item in searchbox -> list of items found in database that match search -> click on item and takes you to a 3d model of the shop with the location of it marked.

    PS - its kinda like how the google maps engine works, is it not?


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    I think the starting point is looking for experienced software developers to complete that. I don't think that some software product may help you to realize the idea.

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