Hello folks.. :-)

I just wanted to share a little something with you, I've been working on the last few days, and since I got my dualscreen setup. I'm a web developer myself, so this program may come in handy for some - I know it will for me.

The program is called CtrlSaveReload and it basically does what it's called. With this little tray program on ~400kb you can refresh your browser with the click of 'ctrl + s' from your favorite text editor. And you can edit away, just like realtime.

Perfect if you have a dualscreen setup: Launch your text editor up upon a screen and a browser on the other screen. Edit from the text editor and watch your browser refresh when you save the file. No more saving from the editor and alt + tab into the browser and update. It all happens in one shortcut. Saves time and you can watch the magic happen while your in your text editor program.

There arent a whole lot settings into this program. It requires to be running while your coding. Upon executing the program you'll see a refresh icon in your taskbar. Right click it and you'll find the settings you need.


Have a look:


Thanks for listening.

Over and out,