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Thread: Website design?!

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    Website design?!

    First off this is my first post so I would love to say hi to everyone! Name is Scott, and I am in a bit of a situation! lol

    I am on a volunteer fire department, and due to my "real" job, everyone thinks I am the one who should be in charge of setting up a website for the department. I understand some of the more basic languages, but I lack the design aspect of setting up a website. I mean basically i have no creative input on designing a site. Anyone know of a good web developer who would design a basic website for somewhat of a cheap price. Even a decent template would work, but I would love for it to be unique to our site.

    Anyways, I figured this would be a pretty good forum since everyone on here seems very inteligent on web design.

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    i know what you mean. usually ill browse through http://www.templatemonster.com/website-templates.php to help get a basic idea of what i want to do, then put my own spin on it. or you could just goto a freelance job site and hire somebody to design it for a couple hundred bucks. good luck!
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