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Thread: Best kind of domain name

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    Best kind of domain name

    I'm going to start a project, and I was about to buy the domain when I found out nearly all "normal" domains are taken.. So I have a few questions about internet marketing.

    What kind of URL is the best? X = word 1, Y = word 2

    www.xy.com (while having some letters written in numbers)

    www.x-y.com (both words with a "-" inbetween)

    www.xy.net (having the ment-to-be URL, but as an .net)

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    Preferably don't choose domain name with hyphen in it.
    This makes your domain name less professional.

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    First preference is probably the .net. 2nd is hyphenated. If I understand your first option, that's generally only acceptable for small, informal groups of geeks.

    The other option, if your site represents a business, is to make up a word that sounds nice. Or change the spelling of a word that's vaguely relevant to your business. IE, google ...
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    domain name releated to seo

    seo is totally different process..but a/c to me domains name is also gice small impact to seo.... if your domain name is like the product which you want to sell thn you should buy a domain name like that .,...

    i have 2-3 websites which domain name is totally attached with the products
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    Be Watchful - The Expert's Exchange Slip Up

    While most recommend staying away from hyphens in their domains, I have an example that would make hyphens okay. A few years back the website Expert's Exchange had the domain www.expertsexchange.com, this was not the meaning they intended if you read it as three words, so they changed their domain name to fit their brand better, it is now www.experts-exchange.com. I would go with the .net first hyphen second, rename you brand before you put numbers in the domain.
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    well I see that the .net looks very experty and I don't find any problem with the hyphen sometimes it looks very professional depends on the domain name.

    good luck on your project

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