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Thread: resizing the window causes problems

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    resizing the window causes problems

    hi there!

    I'm paying someone to develop a site for me, and there's a problem that he says he can't fix. I'm hoping someone can tell me if he's right.

    Here's the site so far:


    if you resize the window, the scrolling nav bar moves below the text. No! He says the use just needs to refresh the window .. but that seems like a bad fix.

    Does anyone know why this is happening? The site was built on Wordpress.

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    Hi sroberts209,

    I don't use anything like Wordpress to code my web stuff, but in my limited experience, I'd say this is easily fixed with divs, span params. Clearly the text area on the right is causing the other content to the left to jump down, when the browser window is reduced.

    In my opinion, if you are paying someone, they should "know their stuff" in order to complete a project professionally.

    Hope this helps?
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