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Thread: Reading and using xml files

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    Reading and using xml files

    I'm planning upgrading my old statically typed preloader to a more dynamic queuing preloader. An XML file seems to be a reasonable choice for representing the preloader's data. Consequently, I need javascript to be able to read and use the XML file's data.

    So, can someone point to me a good, detailed, and up-to-date website that explains how this can be accomplish --- as well as what XML is (and any related technologies).

    I've googled some websites, but i don't know if they're up-to-date:

    Are these good resources?

    *what's all these xlink and xpointer stuff? Is it relevant to reading XML files?

    Thanks in advance!

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    If you plan on learning XML, I would recommend you to have a close look to the JSON format, because even in xml is still widely spread, it does not have the advantages of json objects. Not my intention to open a debate here, but if you have to learn something, it might as well be the latest technology.


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