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Thread: 5 mistakes that can completely sabotage your entire software development goal.

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    5 mistakes that can completely sabotage your entire software development goal.

    I read about this interesting ebook from 'HireaMobileAppDeveloper com' website and it blew my mind off. They have listed few points very aptly and I agree to them completely.
    Since I am toying up an idea of a mobile app development project. What according to you are the other mistakes that can really affect the software development project badly. What are the other areas of software development that I should take care of before I outsource it.

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    1. Don't outsource it over seas.
    2. Learn programming. Even as a CEO, you need to understand everything about the software you are creating.

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    The worst case is inproper testing, lack of experties, no meeting deadline and delaying.

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    The whole world is now over some clicks on mouse and key board, so now its not a great matter that you are choosing any organization/or outsourcing your work from where! The Common mistakes are-
    You give emphasis on cost than quality
    Lack of experts
    Frequent changes in your requirement
    Not following SDLC methods
    Using futuristic technology - A technology which grows and sustains over time.

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