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Thread: Rotate 'rofiles' on refresh w/ no duplicates

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    Rotate 'rofiles' on refresh w/ no duplicates

    I want to swap out "profiles" after every refresh. Essentially, each 'profile' is a small thumbnail picture along with some corresponding text.

    I found many scripts that allow me to rotate pictures or Div's on refresh, but none that can rotate 'profiles' on the same page without any duplication.

    Let's say these profiles are shown in 2 columns with 4 rows, for a total of 8 profiles, like below.

    P1 P2

    P3 P4

    P5 P6

    P7 P8

    I want a script that when on refresh, these same profiles are still shown on the page, but only rearranged in a random order, so that the next time a user visits or refreshes the page, the profiles might be in the order below as an example.

    P7 P2

    P4 P6

    P8 P1

    P3 P5

    Note that the thumbnail picture and the small amount of text that goes along with that profile should always be shown together.

    Is there a script that does what I'm looking for?

    Thanks for any help with this.

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    I meant that first sentence to start: "I want to swap around "profiles" after every refresh... not 'swap out'.

    I couldn't find a way to edit my post so I wanted to clarify.

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