I am attempting to zoom-in and zoom-out out of a photo when "enlarge-photo" class is clicked. I am unable to get the code below to work properly I believe this is do to the way i have structured the zoom-out part of my code.

Can anyone show me how to properly structure my code?

jQuery code:


//photo - zoom-in
    var $img = $(".image");
    $img.stop().animate({ height: "365", width: "269", paddingRight: "12"},"fast");

    //photo -zoom-out
    $img.stop().animate({height: "265", width: "169"},"fast");

  return false;
HTML code:
            <img class="image" src="img/basketball.jpg" width="169" height="265" border="0" alt="basketball dunk"/>
            <figcaption>Laura Skelding/AMERICAN-STATESMAN</figcaption>

            <ul id="photo">
                <li rel="nofollow"><a class="enlarge-photo" href="#" title="enlarge-photo">ENLARGE PHOTO</a></li>