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Thread: convert php Array to javascript array

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    convert php Array to javascript array

    I have and Array in html

    var Song_list = new Array("Symphony No.1", "Symphony No.2");

    Now I want update the Song_list by the content of Song.txt file

    Song.txt as below
    Symphony No.1
    Symphony No.2
    Symphony No.3
    Symphony No.4
    Symphony No.5

    I use explode() as the follows:

    $f = fopen("Song.txt", "r");
    while (!feof($f)) {
    $arrSong = explode("\n",fgets($f));

    Now I have an array in php and need java code to use this php array to update Song_list = new Array("Symphony No.1", "("Symphony No.1", "Symphony No.2", "Symphony No.3", "Symphony No.4", "Symphony No.5");
    (java code to convert php array to javascript array)

    Or if do not use php function explode, what jave code to import song.txt to updated array Song_list?


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    you should move this under the javascript section. this is not html.
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    json_encode perhaps?

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