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Thread: <a> Tag Not Working in Opera/Firefox z-index problem

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    Question <a> Tag Not Working in Opera/Firefox z-index problem

    okay So I Have A Few Websites That Use Div Wrappers so I Can Have "Fixed" Content In IE, Well in That "Fixed" Content I Have Links, EveryThing Works Fine In Internet Explorer (For Once), But Not In Opera, Or Firefox, I Just Narrowed it Down To The z-index, here is Some Code,,,
    				position: Fixed;
    				_position: Absolute;
    				background-color: black;
    				top: 50&#37;;
    				bottom: 50%;
    				width: 200px;
    				height: 100px;
    				z-index: 0;
    				position: relative;
    				border: 0px;
    				margin: 0px;
                                                 padding: 0px;
    				max-height: 100%;
    				overflow: auto;
    				color: white;
    				z-index: 1;
    if i move the fixed up it will work, how can i make it work when it is in the other z-index? Thanks For Any/All Help...

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    you know this is a PHP Forum right ?

    also, your fixed div needs a higher z-index.

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    Sorry, I Did Not See it Was In PHP, Okay Thanks

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    changing the z-index doesn't help, because i need it to hide under the table if the width is to small

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