Hello everyone,

I'm developing a small extractor from a excel file to file up a mysql db.

I'm using phpexcel to read the excel file and using doctrine in stand alone to manipulate de db.

My problem is that when i want to save the data in the db, the call of the save function never ends.

PHP Code:
$rowIterator $feuille->getRowIterator();

$listePersonnes = new Doctrine_Collection('PERSONNES');

        foreach (
$rowIterator as $row) {
$rowIndex $row->getRowIndex();

            if (
== $rowIndex) { continue; }
$cellIterator $row->getCellIterator();

$listePersonnes[$rowIndex] = new PERSONNES();

            foreach (
$cellIterator as $cell) {
$value trim($cell->getValue());
$column $cell->getColumn();
                switch (
$column) {
//specific process for each column
//this is the line which never ends
I tried a of different ways in order to fixed it but the only thing which goes wrong is the last line, and i don't know why.
Does somebody can help me ?
If you need my model, just tell me