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Thread: How to PHP cache for on the fly elements?

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    How to PHP cache for on the fly elements?

    Hello guys,

    I want to implement a caching system for my web sites. However, In my website, there are many elements created on the fly by jQuery, so what can I do for this?


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    Are you talking about caching on the server, or on the browser?

    What kinds of items are you looking to cache? Images, css, and js files are often cached by the browser to improve load time.


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    Since JavaScript is processed by the user's browser, you can't cache it's results on the server. You can only cache the script itself along with the rest of the document.
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    If it's a question of caching PHP script outputs that result from jQuery calls (e.g. AJAX calls?), as far as the server-side of things goes, there's no difference between those calls and a "regular" web page call -- they're all HTTP requests. So presumably any PHP caching implementation would work as well (or poorly) for the jQuery AJAX requests as for other HTTP requests.
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