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Thread: modify code returned by tag lib

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    Question modify code returned by tag lib

    I have a JSP page in which I will make a row in a table bold if a condition is satisfied. So if data in a column exists in the list returned by the controller I want to make the column bold. My td has code like
    <td class="t3Cell col1"><c:write name="payment" property="paymentdate" format="MM/dd/yyyy" /></td>
    so how do I make this change through javascript? I thought that I could use onload. but how do I access the text returned by
    <c:write name="payment" property="paymentdate" format="MM/dd/yyyy" />
    and make it bold.
    any help would be appreciated.

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    I need to access <c:write ....> and based on a condition decide to make it bold or not

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