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Thread: What is current on my site?

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    What is current on my site?

    I have set up two web sites which work fine for their purpose but my housekeeping has not been great. Is there a relatively easy way to determine which files (pages, images etc) are needed to make the site work and which are now redundant but still on the server?

    Hope someone can help. I am reluctant to start deleting things in case I get something wrong and gaps appear on the site.

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    If your site is a static one I guess you could use a crawler to download it starting at the site index and just re-upload that, deleting anything else.

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    I used the trial version of Microsys' A1 Website Analyzer and found it helpful enough that I eventually bought it.

    Just enter your homepage's URL and let it scan. It will crawl your pages for links and give you a nice report that you can go by. (e.g., create a new folder and copy all of hte files that it finds into that folder, delete your site and re-upload; or, save bandwidth, and only delete the files off of the server that don't show up in the list)

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