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Thread: Very annoying issue with Borders not disappearing

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    Very annoying issue with Borders not disappearing

    I'm setting up a simple wordpress site... first time using Wordpress and i'm really rusty on my HTML/CSS right now due to not using it in quite a while, and I'm having an issue that I just cant figure out, even with the use of Firebug and scrutinizing dreamweaver trial-and-error.


    If you see on my "frame" & "middle" div's there is a 1px green/tan-ish looking border. I've searched my entire server for the #colorcode of the border, and I've mass-replaced every single border on every file to be "Border: 0". Even after all of this, that single border remains. It must be some sort of syntax I just don't know about that's causing this (well, I think so at least) and I would love if someone could tell me what I'm missing here.

    Thanks a lot in advance!

    p.s. I know about the sites major problems - I havent had time to tune it at all since ive been focusing on graphics and this bug .

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    Is it an image?

    That would explain not finding the color.

    I cannot check as I am now using an ipad...

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    IE version 7, 8, and 9 have a little problem in showing borders that are used with padding and margin. Other browsers are ok to show borders correctly.

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    I dont see any border when I use mozilla.
    Can I see ur coding?

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    To suppress the spurious borders produced by IE when images are used as links, put in your CSS file:

    a img {

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