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Thread: FB Like or share auto redirect

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    FB Like or share auto redirect

    Hi guys can anyone assist me with finding a facebook like or share plugin that will aoto redirect to another page on/off my site after the user has clicked like or share?

    I suppose i could use javascript/jquery to add an onclick event that will fire after they click the button.

    I basically want to have the ueser like or share my content and then be redirected to a very short optin form with name email and optionally telephone number. I'm running a local raffle for my wife's business where she'll pick one person at random that liked or shared her content each month. But i figure why just offer this to her site visitors when i can make it viral by forcing them to like or share to enter the monthly raffle.

    In fact i think i'll add a 'click like or share to enter our monthly raffle' notice in the footer of each post so i can turn it on or off as needed.

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    you can get this info from facebook if you make a likable App.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rnd me View Post
    you can get this info from facebook if you make a likable App.
    Thanks for the response, i truly appreciate it, but could you be a little more specific please, maybe provide a link to this area of facebook or even better a link to a tutorial.

    i can code it just don't know where to start, i was thinking that i might just use javascript/jquery to create a setTimeout that will redirect 3-5 seconds after they click the like button, as i think it updates via ajax and the page does not actually reload, so adding an onclick event to the button that will call a setTimeout maybe 5 seconds later to give it time to update before my setTimeout redirects them to a special offer or optin page - as i want to allow them to enter a raffle, but i don't just want to grab them from my facebook page, i want them to join my mailing list to for a monthly update.

    any further info is appreciated.

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