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Thread: Fetch value from a column to show a piechart

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    Fetch value from a column to show a piechart

    in a (using mysql)table one of my column(i.e. colour) is like :
    |Red |
    |Blue |
    |Green |
    |Red |
    |Green |
    |Green |
    |Red |

    With the help of jdbc connection in my current jsp page: I'm trying to show the value in a pie chart(it's wriien in jscript,where I'm putting the value from mysql) like :

    |Color|no. of Times|
    |Red | 3 |
    |Blue | 1 |
    |Green| 3 |

    Buy I am not able to put values into the graph(I guess there is problem in by code):

    Connection con = DriverManager.getConnection("jdbc:mysql://localhost/apps","root","root");
    Statement stmt = con.createStatement();
    String sql2="select distinct(color) as Color from color_management order by color;";
    ResultSet rs2 = stmt.executeQuery(sql2);
    String s = rs2.getString(4);
    String sql1 = "select count(case when color='"+s+"' then 1 end) as Color from color_management";
    ResultSet rs1 = stmt.executeQuery(sql1);

    <div id="container">

    <canvas id="chart" width="600" height="500"></canvas>

    <table id="chartData">

    <% while(rs2.next()) { %>

    <% while(rs1.next()){ %>

    <tr style="color: #0DA068">
    <td><%= rs2.getString(4)%></td><td><%= rs1.getString(1)%></td>

    <% }

    <% }


    Any inputs that how to fetch the column value in a chart where color-name as well as no. of color at a same time

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    First item to check is if your query returning any data, runt from mysql tools and see if it does....


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