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    I did not see a section on Joomla so I'm posting here, sorry if it's the wrong place.

    ** looks around for the coffee pot **

    I just started working with Joomla. I'm stumbling and struggling to learn the basics and still having difficulty.
    I'm having to learn it because of a website I may need to manage is running with Joomla.
    I was hoping to find an easy primer to learn the basics rather quickly. I haven't found one.
    Any one here have experience with Joomla?

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    Hi . I'm learning Joomla basics from this websites , maybe they will help you -
    http://joomlaforbeginners.com/ ,
    http://www.joomlashack.com/blog/joom...ack-university ,

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    Hi, if you can say exactly what disabled you to proceed about Joomla, maybe guys here can help you better.

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    Well, the Joomla! website has lots of documentation, including a Wiki for learning docs. If you're just starting with Joomla! I would recommend learning to style a Joomla! template before anything else. Copy & paste the default template (beez_20) and rename it to beez_20_backup.

    Now you can play around with the default template while retaining a backup. The files you'll want to manipulate are:

    1. Layout.css
    2. Personal.css
    3. Position.css

    If you want to start delving into PHP development, once you're comfortable with the back-end (administration) and styling, take a look in the components->com_content folder and start playing with the sub-directories. This is your article data.

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