Hi, I have just joined this site and I am looking for some help with my web development. I am working with Wordpress and Woo Commerce and I am coming across some issues that are hindering my progress. My website address is http://www.kitchens4u.ie. Here are some of the issues I am finding:

First and Foremost I must let you know that I am working with one of WOO Commerces Free Themes!

1. Category Images Showing in Category 1 Stock Doors but then category images are not showing in categories after that. They are showing in the following places where they should. The image placeholder is in place and is linking to the follow on pages.

2. I purchased a plugin to import prices and sizes etc as there are a lot of variations in the products about 60 variations to each product. Although sometimes 3 and up to 10 products in some categories will have the same prices. But I am having difficulty with the plugin as it does not seem to download the information from the variations in the Excel spreadsheet with everything in its proper row and column.

3. As I said There are lots of variations and I then decided to set up one page and duplicate that page for the next 2 products. There are 3 products in the first category. This worked but what happens is that where the FROM 6.73 price shows in the first page I set up (this being the lowest price in the grouping) this figure in the two duplicated pages (with images changes and text) is FROM 14.85. So it seems to me as is the code is going to the database and just picking a random number instead of the number it is supposed to echo. In saying that it uses the same number for the next products and even the first product in the second category!

If you can get time to read all this and can offer any advice or even direct me to a dedicated WOO forum (WOO Themes not answering very quickly) then I would be grateful.