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Thread: Odd idea.

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    Odd idea.

    I am by no means a webdeveloper, nor anyone versed in the industry, so please bear with me.

    I need to figure out who/what I am looking for. A webdeveloper, a designer, etc. etc.

    I would need someone to get a website up, based on a rough visual design that I have made.

    In essence, the website would work as such:

    Call a number that directly goes to an answering machine.
    Whatever needs to be said is said.
    The message is then logged and labeled (e.g. AU17643).
    (I would need to have access to these files from any computer).
    These files would be played back on a website.

    Would something of this sort be feasible? Would I seek out a webdeveloper, a website designer? What exactly?

    I apologise if this is against forum policy or rules, but I've searched and looked around and could not figure it out. I figured a place like this would be the ideal place to ask.

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    A web developer to create the site and layout and a software developer to build the back end functionality.

    You might be able to do it all in PHP... Or most of it.

    You can try posting it as a project at elance.com

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    Thanks for the quick reply, donatello.

    Will post on elance. In regards to the majority of it being done on php, is it something I should suggest or leave it to the discretion of the person building the website? I understand each person will tackle things from a different angle, but at the same time, I don't want to be strung along as I'm charged for a complicated and long job when it could easily be simple.

    With that being said, any idea on what a reasonable range would be in terms of cost?

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