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HREF link with rollover image swap
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HREF link with rollover image swap


I'm using an image for an HREF link and I want the image to swap when hovered over with the cursor. I am using an external javascript source file.

External file:
function ChangeTab( tab_name, tab_src )
document[tab_name].src = tab_src;

<A HREF="/menu.htm" onMouseOver="ChangeTab( menu, 'gfx/abouttabon.jpg' );"
onMouseOut="ChangeTab( menu, 'gfx/ordertabon.jpg' );">

<IMG SRC="gfx/menutaboff.jpg" NAME="menu" WIDTH=185 BORDER=0>

I have also tried...ID="menu" in the <IMG SRC=... tag. The link works fine, but the image won't swap. What am I doing wrong?

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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