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Thread: Can I Benefit From Using a CMS?

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    Can I Benefit From Using a CMS?

    Certaintly, I've been aware of Woordpress, Joomla, etc. for quite a while now. But only recently have I been actually reading up on what they are all about. I've searched tirelessly to try to find a compelling reason to use one of these, and so far I've found none. Am I missing something?

    I got a couple websites in HTML CSS jQuery and PHP. The only PHP I use is just to log in and interact with mySQL; so theres really not much dynamic content. I'm the only one who maintains the sites, it's not collaborative, and I update them very infrequently.

    So, would a CMS be useful for me?

    Is there such a thing as an offline CMS? Since it's just me, it's not necessary to have a Wordpress type login that affords more opportunities for an injection attack.

    UPDATE: It seems as though CMS's are marketed as (1) allowing less tech savy folks make websites and/or (2) Easily allow several folks to collaborate and/or (3) Easily updating sites that need to be frequently updated, like a blog.

    I don't fit any of those 3 criteria, so is there any reason to go though the trouble up setting up a CMS?
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    Time & Growth are the Questions

    Here are questions you should ask yourself and define:

    How much time do you spend updating content through code or mySQL?
    What is your expected growth of content on your site for the next year?

    The content management system is designed to allow you update your site via the control panel. This makes the process fast ans easy. If your worried about security, your website is less secure now, than it would be with a Content Management System. Most servers do backups every couple days in case this happens, if you have data stored that is sensitive, than you may want to look into a SSL certificate for your site. This is what I would look at in determining if you should switch. If you are growing your site, I would invest in the time to convert now. If you spending hours doing maintenance in code I would also look at switching over.
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