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Thread: Alexa Ranking

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    Best 2 ways to increase Alexa ranking.

    1. Install Alexa toolbar in your browser. Because Alexa get information about your site by this toolbar. Install Alexa toolbar

    2. Use Alexa site widgets in your website. When visitor will click on this widgets than it will work. Because of most of your traffic have no Alexa toolbar so they will be able to add this toolbar for there browser. Alexa site widgets

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    Quote Originally Posted by webd1989 View Post
    Alexa rankings is dependent on how much traffic your website gets.
    Try to increase your website traffic, alexa rank will be decrease automatically
    it's not about traffic it's about the error caused by alexa recently. I think it's like refreshing it might need a few months to become stable ranking.

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    Increase your visitor and update new content every day.

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