Skilled, all-round web programmer/coding expert required.

Don’t we all wish we were in that room and part of the magic when the idea for facebook, google or myspace was conceived?

How many times have you seen others take a punt and make it big and thought – why can’t I do that?

Do you have great ideas, but lack some elements/ skills which prevents you making a successful business and would thrive in a small team of people who can bring the other skills required to succeed?

This role will be perfect for those who don’t fit the 9-5 norm, those who want to own a company, be part of a visionary team and create something special. Anyone who is a dreamer, a bit of a gambler, those who believe in the power of “anything is possible”.

We are putting together an entrepreneurial team – a small collection of highly creative individuals who don’t fit the “normal” mould. A team of super-geeks in their field who can come together and create something special.

We currently have the ideas man, a successful entrepreneur who has created and grown businesses in the past, and a Chartered Accountant who is responsible for the financial eletments of the business venture and now we are looking for the Technical Element to complete this team:

Technical Skills required:
All-round Web Programming/coding
Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP programming language, algorithms etc. etc. etc. able to build complex websites whilst taking into account the need for rapid and complex saleability.
Front-end construction and design flair
Back-end construction.

Full understanding of how complex websites & online services like rightmove, Facebook, YouTube, Spotify and Myspace work – and ideas/projects as grand as these don’t phase you.

Up-to-date knowledge of the most recent technological advances.

Personal Attributes:
A brave, entrepreneurial, creative visionary – not afraid to share ideas in the right environment and someone who is constructive – doesn’t just say no because something wasn’t their idea.

We need a person who can feed off of others, enthusiastic, entrepreneurial, driven and motivated – someone who can work under their won steam and most importantly a trustworthy individual who conducts themselves with integrity.

The team will be like a small family, ideally we don’t want this to feel like work or a job, but more of a focus on loving what you do and the people you do it with. We want to create a feeling of “best friends” working on a project they all adore.

The role:

The role will give you the chance to share your ideas, be part of the development and growth of a new venture, something special. In a creative forum the team will share ideas, and each role will have specific tasks/strengths, which will be used to drive the creation and growth of the new venture.

A company will be established with all of the successful applicants as shareholders in the new business (legal documents to be drawn up and discussed with successful applicants) There is no salary as all stakeholders in the project will be receiving a shareholding in the company and its future value which will be realised at a later date (targeted for 3years from inception).

However, dependant on growth of the venture the salary status may change rapidly and will be reviewed on a regular basis, but priority has been given to the development of the business with a medium-term view on future potential.

The idea is that the entrepreneurial team will be focused and dedicated to the growth/development of the business until it is at a stage where venture capital/investor funding is gained (targeted for 12months) at which point a lump sum will be realised for each shareholding, with a retained shareholding in the business going forward as it enters the next stage of super- growth backed by investment capital.

This is the chance to get involved in a project which could be the start of the next big thing.

Each Team member in the same position and dedicated to the success of the project, motivated by the knowledge that owning a stake in a business which could become a multi-million pound entity in a few short years more than makes up for no initial salary.

This role will suit a visionary, prepared to invest thier time which could then provide a lifetime of wealth that is unachievable when working in the "normal" manner.

Applicants who currently have a job are welcome to apply and can stay in their current role, but will be expected to commit a large portion of their spare time to the project, and should be able to juggle the two roles.

We understand that genius comes in all different shapes and sizes – if you have never had commercial experience, failed school, or are currently unemployed you will not be penalised in the application process – as long as you can demonstrate you have the creativity, flair and skills we need then we want to hear from you!

We are looking for the right person for this role, if you are currently unemployed but want to dedicate your time to this role – all we ask is that you think carefully about how you will support yourself financially until the point at which the company takes off.

Application process will be in Four parts:
1) Written applications (responses to this job advert)
2) Demonstrable skills – successful applicants from the written application round will be assigned a short test to demonstrate your ability and commitment to the cause.
3) Telephone Conversation – a chat to get to know you as a person
4) Finally the Face to face meeting to gauge creative spark – as the team has to fit and work together well.

Please send a covering letter/video/carrier pigeon to say why you think you are right for the role, and give us some examples of your work to:

Thanks for your time and look forward to hearing from you.

Sam & Bhav